Question on leucoderma and Its Treatments

Vitiligo is also known as leucoderma and is mostly seen in developing countries. This condition unfortunately is known to cause much social stigma among different people. Vitiligo may be seen in an individual in the form of a single white spot on the skin or in the form of multiple white patches on the skin all over their body. These white patches or discoloration of the skin may gradually increase in size and spread to other parts of the body. Many a times, leucoderma treatment is known to be helpful in only arresting the spread of the depigmentation or the white patches to other parts of the body but the medications or the treatment is not found to be very effective in getting back the color of the skin.

Repigmentation of the skin is usually possible only through dermatosurgical vitiligo cures. One should also bear in mind that vitiligo skin disorder is a non transmittable or non infectious skin condition that is characterized by a change in the skins color only. The vitiligo skin disorder is known to be more commonly observed in women as compared to men. Additionally, the white patches of skin or the discoloration of skin are primarily observed on the wrist, back, hands and neck of the individual. One of the primary vitiligo symptoms is the loss of pigmentation of the skin resulting in white patches. In course of time, the small white patches tend to grow and merge into one another thereby forming a larger patch.

Although the exact cause for vitiligo or leucoderma is not know, some of the possible causes of vitiligo include sunburns, mental worry or stress, physical illness, skin trauma and even hereditary reasons. Vitiligo treatment at home involves the use of mustard oil. As part of this vitiligo treatment , some freshly ground turmeric should be mixed with mustard oil and then applied on the white patches of skin first thing in the morning for a few months. This is not known to cure the white patches but may help to a certain extent in arresting the spread of these patches if supplemented with the right medication. While deciding on the appropriate leucoderma treatment one should also bear in mind that sudden emotional stress and trauma is also known to result in the formation of certain toxins in one's body which would disturb the immune system of the body thus making the individual more susceptible to such skin disorders. A preventive leucoderma treatment would be for the individual to avoid consuming coffee, tea or any alcoholic beverages as well as most condiments and strongly flavored foods.

The symptoms of vitiligo in the form of white patches or discoloration of the skin may also be found on the face of the individuals especially the eyelids, lips, scalp and even the palm and areas that are bony such as the knees, elbows, ankles and even the finger joints of an individual. Research on this medical condition has shown that areas of the human body that have less blood circulation are more prone to the white patches of skin when suffering from vitiligo. In some cases, the leucoderma or vitiligo causes are also accidental which may be on account of a burn, cut or ulcer wherein the cells that produce melanin ted to become inactive or dormant. As a result of this inactiveness the pigmentation of the skin disappears over a period of time resulting in the development of white patches of skin. Vitiligo may also be caused by excessive use of antibiotics in the past or even a history of sever typhoid fever or jaundice as well as because of a regular intake of junk food.

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  • Leucoderma as the word itself means white skin.
  • The causes are still not completely understood. Some opinion says that the bodies immune system take the bodies own melanocytes (color producing cells) as foreign and attacks them and kills them. Some theory says that some chemical exposure or chemical agents going in the body destroy the pigment generating cells.
  • Various food like fish and milk etc. do not cause Leucoderma.
  • It differs from albinism as this is the complete inability to generate the pigments since childhood or congenital. It is found all over the skin, hair, eyebrows etc. Whereas leucoderma effects are seen when suddenly the good pigmented skin starts showing depigmentations in patches.

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