Is there any natural way to rid the body of cocaine?

The only way to rid the body of cocaine is to stop taking more cocaine and any other drugs that you might be taking. However, stopping taking cocaine is easier said than done if you are a regular user and are addicted to it.

Treatment for cocaine addiction is not something that can be easily accomplished at home. The first step of quitting cocaine can result in several complications which may require psychiatric treatment. Some of the symptoms associated with cocaine withdrawals include anxiety, agitation, depression, irritability, headaches and panic attacks. The severity of these symptoms will depend on the degree to which you have used cocaine and the length of your addiction to the drug.

Mild symptoms can be treated at home but the more severe kind may require medications.

For the milder symptoms such as nosebleeds, nasal congestion and a runny nose, you can try using a humidifier in your room. Steam inhalation too will help with nasal congestion. For a nosebleed, apply direct pressure to the nostrils for about 10 minutes. You can use a topical ointment such as petroleum jelly to help with any crusts that may form.

If you develop a chronic cough or begin to cough up blackish phlegm you can try an over-the-counter cough medicine that contains guaifenesin and drink plenty of water. Stopping smoking will also help with the cough.

Do not try to treat the more severe psychiatric symptoms by substitution with other drugs as this may result in you developing a new habit. Consult with a psychiatrist who can help you overcome your cocaine addiction. Your psychiatrist may recommend that you get admitted into a psychiatric clinic where you can be treated. Alternatively, you may be treated on an out-patient basis.

Some of the medications that may be prescribed include:

  • Anti-anxiety medications to treat anxiety
  • Sedatives to help with any insomnia
  • Anti-depressants to treat depression
  • Anti-psychotics if you are having a psychotic episode
  • Anti-epileptics in case of seizures
  • Antibiotics in case of any infection
While you are under treatment you should:

  • Abstain completely from drinking alcohol as it can have adverse interactions with the medications you are taking
  • Drink plenty of fluids so as to flush out all the toxins from your body
  • Eat healthy balanced meals that will help your to regain your physical health
  • Join a support group such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

answered by A S

Home remedy to get rid of coccaine-

Best home remedy is Black honey purest from the jungles .This honey is formed when bee's take nectar from various floral sources naturally and excrete in the comb attached to the Margosa tree.Take this variety of honey and have 2 tsf's of it daily  morning and night with 1 cup water for 10 days .

Self control with Yog pranayam and exercises is very very benificial.

answered by D M K

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