Candida, more commonly known as a yeast infection, is best treated with a multi faceted approach. Garlic is the best fighter of this nasty infection. You can either eat it, if you like garlic, or take it in pill form. Personally, I suggest some roasted garlic with French bread, but I love garlic! Combining garlic with cranberry juice creates a very effective treatment for candida. Drinking cranberry juice is probably the most commonly used cure for this problem as it neutralizes the bacteria that is causing the problem. Also taking 3 to 6 capsules daily of a goldenseal and Echinacea herbal mix helps move things long a little faster by boosting the immune system. Drinking milk or eating yogurt with natural, live, bacteria in it is very good as well. I know it seems odd that you should eat food with bacteria in it, but the types of bacteria in yogurt and milk are bacteria naturally found in the body and very important for its normal function. It combats the bad bacteria that causes candida. By combining all of these things, you are not only curing your candida as fast as possible (lets face it, who wants to be stuck with something like this for very long!), you are also helping to prevent future infections.

answered by R P

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