What to do when garlic juice gets in eye?

Garlic is good for your physical health in a lot of ways. Since ages, the elderly in the family have been lecturing the young ones on the therapeutic effects of garlic, and all is fine till you accidentally squirt some garlic juice in your eyes. Garlic extracts, especially its juice, contains concentrated compounds that can be really painful if they get into your eyes. These juices are usually used to squirt and kill certain kinds of insects and their larvae. In country homes, garlic essence and juice is especially used to keep the home free from such insects. Unfortunately, when you are spraying the garlic juice and a draft comes in, the juice can get in your eyes, and the effect is almost similar to what you feel when you accidentally touch your eyes after touching jalapenos or any other kind of hot peppers.

Garlic, apart from the digestive enzymes and strong compounds, also has a characteristic pungent odor which is considered very unpleasant. If you have the misfortune of getting garlic in your eyes, not only will it sting and hurt like hell, but your face may smell funny for days afterwards.

Just like onion juice, garlic juice also stings if it gets into a cut on your skin or your eyes. Your eyes, being the delicate organs that they are, can get really hurt due to the stinging from the garlic juice. To make matters worse, most people tend to rub their eye, which only spreads the garlic juice further and intensifies the pain and the burning in the eyes.

Natural eye care techniques dictate that you do not rub your eyes if you have something in them. For natural eye care, most people prefer eye wash cups. These cups are ideal for washing and cleaning your eyes if you have garlic juice in them. Cleaning the eyes with the help of these eyewash cups can help soothe your eyes and stop the stinging and burning sensation. Even if you do not get the juice squirted directly into your eyes, it is possible that you may touch the garlic and then touch your eyes. In such a case, again, your eyes start to burn and sting.

How to prevent getting Garlic Juice in your eyes?

If you want to save yourself from the painful sensations caused by garlic juice when it enters your eyes, the easiest thing to do is to be careful when you are using garlic. Just like eye injury prevention is better than looking for a cure, taking some safety measures and precautions when you are working with garlic, can also help. Start off with cleaning your hands before you touch your eyes when working with garlic. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a garlic spray always keep the nozzle away from your face. If there is a slight draft, spray the juice in such a manner that the particles do not come towards you. Better still, avoid spraying at all when there is a draft in the air.

What to do if you get garlic in your eyes?

If you do get garlic in your eye, it is best to wash your eyes with plain, cold water immediately. As mentioned earlier, the use of eye wash cups can really help you clean the residual garlic compounds from your eyes. To use the cup, simply fill it up with water and place it on the eye. Now open your eye and make some movements with the eye ball so that the water touches the entire eyeball and not just its center. Also, try not to rub your eyes.

What’s a good first aid eye wash solution?

There are many common eye problems that require the use of therapeutic eye washes. Fortunately, there are a few kinds of natural eye wash solutions that can help remove garlic juice from your eyes. Get yourself a tablespoon of eyebright and steep it in one glass of boiling water. Brew this mixture for a few minutes till the water becomes slightly translucent. Use this solution to wash your eyes as this can be one of the best eye wash solutions for most common eye problems. This is a first aid eye wash that should ideally be used immediately after you have washed your eyes with water. A lot of people feel that a great first aid eye wash can be made out of water and boric acid. However, it is important to note that boric acid can hurt your eyes and therefore, should not be used as an eye wash.

Apart from a first aid eye wash solution there are some natural eye care remedies that can help you deal with the burning and itching in the eyes which is caused if you accidentally spray garlic juice into your eyes. You can also get natural eye care tips for maintaining a healthy vision. Washing your eyes with a solution made from steeping chamomile flowers in water can help you keep your eyes healthy. This eye wash is especially helpful when you have something in your eye, or your eyes are tired after a long day of sitting in front of computer.

What are some natural eye care tips?

If you are looking for some emergency eye care, you should rush to a doctor. If you have spilt something corrosive in your eyes, it can be really painful; however, in case of garlic juice in your eyes, wash your eyes with water and then use a natural eye wash.

You can continue consuming a diet which contains food for good eyesight. Foods rich in vitamin A and beta carotene are usually excellent for your eyes. Apart from food for good eyesight, a healthy and balanced diet can be great for your eyes. Such a diet can help prevent common eye problems in children which occur due to nutritional deficiencies. You do not need emergency eye care for the common eye problems in children. However, if the child has got something in the eye, you will need to visit a doctor.

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Rinse eye out throughly. If pain persists, go to the hospital. But flushing usually helps.

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