Tips to relieve from a stiff back

Backs get stiff because the muscles surrounding the spine get stiff due to repetitive stress and injury. This causes pain around the spine. This is the most common kind of back pain. Often the muscles getting stiff and back pain are also indications that a larger injury could be just round the corner. It can also be used as a warning sign that your body is giving you. It is therefore necessary to find some quick stiff back relief measures to treat the stiff back muscles.

Stiff muscles in the back can either be in the upper back, middle back or the lower back. Most of these pains are largely tension knots in the muscles. Consistent knots leads to chronic pain which then can become a bigger health problem. These knots act as trigger points and are largely why back pain is caused. This is true even if there is some amount of damage with the spine itself.

You could have intermittent back pain, occasional shooting pain, muscle spasms or chronic back pain. All of these are usually caused by different things but ignoring chronic back pain and stiff muscles and not seeking immediate stiff back treatment can lead to even more serious health problems. For easing the stiff back pain, you need to relax the stiffness of the muscles in the back, including the lower back. If you wake up with a stiff back in the morning, it could be due to a wrong sleeping position and therefore one of the best stiff back remedies at such times would be to change your sleeping position for sometime till you feel better.

Though painful back surgery is usually associated with chronic back pain, there are different treatments and remedies for back pain. For relief from stiff back, you should try treatment and remedies at home. Appropriate massage on the trigger points can be quite effective especially with tennis balls and other similar stretchable balls. Different exercises for the lower back will relieve you off the pain.

In this age of everyone working on computers, sitting in awkward positions adds to the number of people suffering from stiff backs especially stiffness in the lower back. Poor posture contributes to chronic back ache often. You should switch your work furniture to an ergonomic design. Simple stretches can help you get rid of chronic back pain. Certain yoga stretches are very useful in order to treat back pain. However this should be conducted under the guidance of a trained professional. There are even alternate treatments like acupuncture that have been known to benefit back pain but as the spine is delicate organ it is advisable to see professional help if exercises and home remedies don't provide relief.

When you are in pain, remember to minimize your strenuous motion. Do not add more stress to your back muscles. Sit and stand in the correct posture, without slouching or putting addition pressure on the spine. If you already suffer from stiff back muscles, you should keep your weight in check. Do gentle exercise like walking or swimming where you do put additional pressure on your spine and its still muscles. There are some back exercises designed to keep the back muscles healthy. These stretches include stretching your arms, legs, back and neck muscles.

Hydrate well as that can really help reduce the stiffness, especially during exercises and stretches. Make exercise a part of your life, strengthen your abdomen and reduce your weight, if needed. All this will reduce pressure on your spine. When you exercise remember to warm up and cool down as it is important for your muscles. There are anti-inflammatory drugs that can provide temporary relief but it is best to address the problem than try and control the pain symptoms with drugs.

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