I always get cyst on my face,and it takes forever to go away. I am starting to get a new one and want to cure it before it gets bigger. What can i do around the house to make it shrink quickly?

Acne is very simple and very common. In fact, some people feel that there may even be a genetic connection. Acne is caused due to the infection of the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is the oil gland found at the root of the hair follicle. The sebaceous gland produces oil that coats hair and keeps it healthy. Sometimes, the gland produces excessive oil. This can be due to any reason such as hormonal changes to environmental factors such as stress. When too much oil is produced, it hardens and forms a lump. This lump is invariably referred to as a whitehead, where the head is white, or a black head, where the head is black. In some cases, this oil gets infected by bacteria. The infection results in an inflammation, causing acne. Usually, acne is found on the surface of the skin, but in some cases, the inflammation progresses under the skin, resulting in a large cyst-like appearance. This is called cystic acne.

What is the treatment for sebaceous cyst on face?

Nobody knows why a person gets cystic acne. Some researchers believe that people have a genetic predisposition to forming cystic acne. Mostly, simple home remedies are sufficient to treat cysts. A warm compress applied on the cyst will help bring it to a head and drain quicker. Usually, just leaving it alone is sufficient for the cyst to auto drain and heal.

Some people go for direct medical intervention, including surgery for cyst on face removal. The doctor usually mechanically drains the cyst, and sometimes, he/she may even surgically remove the follicle. There are a number of medicines that also work in bringing down the inflammation that is characteristic of cystic acne.

None of these solutions, however, work permanently, including surgery. Cysts have been known to reappear even after surgery to remove them.

What can I do around the house to make it shrink quickly?

As mentioned earlier, a warm compress helps to drain the cyst. Do not wash your face frequently as removing all the surface oil from the skin will only ensure the progression of the infection. Here are some tips:

  • Do not touch, pinch or squeeze the cyst.
  • Do not allow hair to fall forward on your face.
  • Do not use greasy cosmetics, and try to avoid them completely, if possible.

Over-the-counter medications that contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, salicylic acid and/or resorcinol are effective. They kill the bacteria and help to dry up the skin oil. Use these products carefully as they can cause the top layer of your skin to peal.


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answered by M W

Any blockage of sebaceous gland duct can leads to the formation of a cyst. It may cause eyelid tenderness, painful swelling, and smelly white secretions from the sac.

  • The primary treatment for sebaceous cyst is to apply warm compress for 10-15 minutes for 3-4 times a day. This will help the hardened oil blockage to soften and promote drainage and healing.
  • Proper cleaning of the eyelid will avoid its reoccurrence. Throw the cotton ball after cleaning the eyelids.Consult an ophthalmologist, who would prescribe you appropriate eye drops for the cyst and if it is too big and infectious he might recommend surgical removal of the same.

answered by S P

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