What is gilbert syndrome and its remedy?

Gilbert syndrome is common condition of the liver when the liver - hub organ of our body fails to process bilirubin as a result a person's bilirubin levels in the blood increases than normal (hyperbilirubinemia). This condition is harmless and benign in nature and so doesn't require a special treatment. Most of the cases of Gilbert syndrome are inherited in nature so a person may get jaundice like appearance (mild yellow skin and eyes), due to high bilirubin levels. However the functioning of liver is normal in most of the cases. Some factors which can increase your bilirubin levels when you have gilberts syndrome include dehydration, menstruation, overexertion, fasting, infections or illness.

The levels of bilirubin keep fluctuating in this disorder and sometimes even go to the upper limits. However this is a mild disorder and treatment is not required in most of the cases as the person lives normal healthy life. Medications are available to keep the levels of bilirubin in control and avoid jaundice. Self care at home can be taken like avoiding meals or fasting and having a balanced nutritious diet, avoiding any kind of emotional stress and infections or illness.

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