Restless leg syndrome, with a broken leg. Suggest remedies

RLS or restless leg syndrome is since times immemorable a physiological disorder that has increased to higher extent with modern life styles.

Best advice for this problem is to do stretching exercises daily for 10 minutes morning and night.

Sit with legs extended on the floor, both feet joined, bend the feet forward as much as possible and little more so as to give a stretch over whole leg till the knee. Then bend backwards that is towards your body likewise backward forwards for 10 times then move feet in circular motion whilst in the same position.Clockwise and anti clockwise.

Do hot cold fomentation. Take a bucket with hot water and another with cold freeze water. Put one feet in cold and the other in hot standing in this way for 4 seconds then exchanging the legs the hot in cold and cold in hot bucket. Carry on this cycle for 4 minutes. The restless legs will rest in peace.

answered by D M K

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