What should I take as a cure for smokers cough?

The sound of a smoker's cough can be extremely disturbing to members of the family, who are aware of the dangers of smoking and being passive smokers themselves. Curing a smoker's cough is no easy task, but at the same time, is not impossible. Getting the smoker to realize that his or her health is in jeopardy is the biggest hurdle that one needs to overcome when helping a smoker to cure his or her cough. Once the smoker is completely aware of the status of his or her health, and is also aware that he or she is a danger to the people living in the vicinity, reducing the amount of cigarettes they smoke per day is the next step.

To cure a smoker's cough, home remedies that have been recommended include the consumption of ginger tea. This not only soothes the throat, but also has the ability to dislodge any congestion of nasal fluids that may be blocking the throat. There is a large amount of literature available on how to stop a smoker's cough, but it is necessary that the smoker be coaxed into giving up the habit. Smoker's cough treatment requires a considerable amount of will power on the smoker's part, as well as a lot of moral support from loved ones.

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Natural ways to cure smokers cough after quitting smoking?

One of the most common complaints that individuals who smoke have is the terrible smokers cough that the habit causes. While the most obvious first step of treatment is to kick the habit, the smokers cough is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. A number of ex-smokers end up being quite surprised to see the continuity of smokers cough after quitting the habit of smoking. However, in most cases, the lungs are damaged so far that it will take some considerable treatment to get rid of the problem on a permanent basis.

Because of the fact that a smoker's cough after quitting is a rather regular occurrence, there are a number of methods that are focused on how to get rid of a smokers cough. One of the best methods of getting rid of a smokers cough is to nurture your rather damaged lungs back to good health. This needs to be achieved by having the right kinds of foods, exposing your body to clean environments as well as making sure that your body gets the right amount of exercise over the course of the day. In the event that the smoker is coughing up blood, it is important to make sure that you seek immediate medical advice from a trained professional.

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Is smokers cough harmful?

Coughing occurs when there is some obstruction to the process of breathing or when there is some irritation in the throat. Smokers tend to cough a lot as their lung power has diminished because of years of abuse. Some of the common smokers cough symptoms include deep and heavy coughing along with a sensation of chest congestion.

In short, there is no cure for smokers cough. This condition develops over time because of years or repeated abuse. Over time, the consumption of cigarettes leads to damage occurring in the microscopic structures of the lungs. This damage is irreversible. The only way one can achieve any sort of recovery is by the cessation of smoking activities. Smokers cough remedies are also applicable if one has stopped smoking. One can do certain breathing exercises to try and open up the lungs more. One can also undergo a therapeutic steam inhalation process where the steam is mixed with some therapeutic substance. A smoker's cough is not harmful to those around unless it occurs when the smoker is exhaling smoke that has just been inhaled. Smokers who cough may be suffering from some pulmonary issue. It is best to have this examined to ensure that the condition is dealt with.

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Why do smokers cough in the morning?

In the morning time, many people experience some mild congestion in their breathing. This is fairly normal as mucus tends to accumulate in certain people and in certain weather conditions. Smokers already suffer from compromised lung power as they literally poison their lungs. Thus, smokers tend to be more susceptible to coughing in the mornings. Coughing occurs either when there is a blockage or irritation of the throat or when there is a blockage in the lungs.

The treatment for smoker's cough involves getting the smoker to quit smoking. Following this, the smoker will need to undergo breathing exercises to help boost his or her lung capacity. Apart from fit people, singers and sportsperson, most individuals tend to function on diminished lung capacity. Exercises will always help to boost the capacity over time. Therefore, smokers can use such exercises to help improve the efficiency of the parts of their lungs that aren't damaged. Smokers lung disease issues can be life threatening. It has been proven that smoking causes lung cancer which is terminal unless treated extremely early in life. In order to stop smoking related cough symptoms and other problems, one must avoid smoking altogether while performing exercises to boost the efficiency of the respiratory system.

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This remedy is updated from the Universal Cookery Book (circa 1888). Pour 1 quart of boiling water over 4 tablespoons of whole flaxseed and steep for three hours. Strain, add the juice of two lemons and sweeten with honey (which replaces the crystals or rock candy used in the original remedy). Take a tablespoon whenever the cough acts up. Here is an even better remedy: STOP SMOKING!!!!

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