Benefits of stretching for high kicks

Kicking is a very important action if you are into martial arts or combat sports. It is important for you to do the correct stretches which help give you the balance and flexibility to execute the kicks. Proper stretching for kicking is important because you can get many injuries if your body is not flexible and warm before kicking. High kicks, low kicks, power kicks, roundhouse kick, front kick, reverse kick, twist kick, flying kick all need to be done with a certain degree of control, proper technique and plenty of practice. Kicking also involves a lot of sudden and complex movements of the lower body. If you are executing a high kick or a twist kick which makes you jump in the air there is always a good chance that you could damage your leg muscles. This is most likely to occur while landing if you have skipped your warm up stretches. In simple words stretching makes your body ready for the action.

If you want to master high kicks then you need to do a lot of stretches two times a day. Arm up stretching for high kicks include; raise your legs to the front, back and sides with 12 repetitions in each set. Do walking lunges without weights with 10 repetitions on each side. This helps in making the hip muscles loose around the hip joints thus helping in high kicks. You can sit down on the ground with your legs spread wide. Then lean your body side by side towards the legs slowly. This will help stretch you legs and as well as your hips and sides. If kickboxing is what you want to master then some stretching for kickboxing would be of great help. Stand in front of a table about the height of your hips, put one leg on the table and let the other be firm on the ground. Bend your knee and lean your chest towards the bent knee. Try and get as close to the knee as possible. Another exercise is by lying face down while bringing your hands as much close to the shoulders. Make sure that your hips are touching the ground. Keep looking in the forward direction and lift yourself up by straightening the arms. Very gently then bend just one arm and simultaneously rotate the same shoulder towards the ground. Another stretching exercise for kickboxing you could try is to stand keeping your feet wide apart. Next, let the toes point in a forward direction while one leg is straight and you bend the other. See that your toes of this leg point in an outward direction. Next you need to let your groin move towards the ground as you keep your hands on your knee that is bent.

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