What are the stretching exercises for dancers, ballet and cheerleading?

The importance of stretching before any form of physical exercise cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, stretching is the one part of a workout routine that is often skipped by most people. If you stretch properly before exercising, it increases the flexibility in your muscles, thereby reducing the risks of sustaining an injury. Therefore, fitness experts strongly advise that stretching exercises should be performed before as well as after every single workout session of any kind. Therefore, in case you are about to perform any vigorous physical activity, which includes dancing or even cheerleading practice, you need to ensure that you dedicate the required amount of time towards stretching exercises.

Stretching for Dancers

Balance and flexibility are two of the most important qualities of a good dancer. There are some dancers who are naturally flexible, while others have to work at it. The most effective way of increasing your flexibility is by performing stretching exercises extensively and continuously. Stretching has become so important nowadays, that dance studios have started introducing stretching classes too. The most important factors that effect stretching for dancers are breathing techniques, posture, the head-to-toe approach as well as the elasticity of the warm muscles. Stretching exercises for dancers usually include crunches, push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, splits, jump rope movements and yoga exercises. Dancers should be exposed to a variety of stretching exercises on a weekly basis, to increase flexibility and keep them motivated.

Stretching for Ballet

Stretching for ballet dancers is very important, as it a one of the best ways of training the body to become more supple and flexible. It not only allows ballet dancers to improve their performance, but also helps them to extend their ability for years, as stretches avoid the possibility of long term muscle strain. In a matter of minutes, you can warm up your muscles and elongate your ligaments using basic stretching techniques. The ideal time to hold a stretch is about 30 seconds for ballet dancers. However, this target is rarely possible for beginners. Therefore, avoid pushing yourself too much in the beginning. Instead, stretch for as long as you can, which is usually till the initial tension in the muscles disappears. Build your stamina gradually, till you can perform a 30-second stretch.

Stretching for Cheerleading

Cheerleaders need a lot of strength, energy and stamina, as they are supposed to get the crowd going with their performance. Stretching for cheerleading is important as flexibility is a very important component in cheerleading. Therefore stretching exercises performed before and after every practice session can help enhance the performance of a cheerleader.

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