Stretching exercises that benefits everyone

Stretching is a form of exercise which involves elongation of the muscles to attain flexibility and improve muscle tone. It also helps alleviate muscle cramps. Stretching is a very good exercise in itself and not just a preparatory mode before sports or other forms of exercise. Stretching for health helps in retaining fitness and gives you the lean look you desire. Stretching benefits also include maintaining the health and physical state of the body.

The benefits of stretching are numerous, some of which are listed as below:

  • Lower or reduced muscle tension
  • Enhanced blood circulation and muscle coordination
  • Enhanced joint movements and increased level of energy.

If performed before exercise, stretching reduces the chances of injury and post event soreness. It also helps enhance performance. However, stretching should be in accordance with the exercise or sport you take up. As such, there are specific stretching exercises for everyone based on the exercise or sport in question. Some of the specific stretching exercises for different activities are:

  • Stretching for height: Stretching when you are at a younger age can help increase height.
  • Stretching for gymnastics: Gymnastics is a form of sport that demands intensive exercise. The key to stretching for gymnastics is the split. It helps the gymnast attain physical nimbleness and prevents injury.
  • Stretching for basketball: If you are a basketball player, flexibility of the body is vital. The kinds of stretching for basketball players are numerous, including leg straddles, side lunges, groin and iliotibial band stretch.
  • Stretching for baseball: Stretching is also helpful for baseball players as it enhances their speed and prevents injury. Some of the most effective baseball stretches include lying-knee roll over stretch, elbow-out rotator stretch, and rotating-wrist stretch.
  • Stretching for karate: Stretching for karate helps in enhancing your range of motion and rebounding. You can do stretches for your hips, shoulders, upper back, and lower legs.
  • Stretching for Brazilian jiu-jitsu: Stretching is also useful for physical agility and flexibility for various forms of martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).
  • Stretching for jogging: Stretching before jogging helps in preventing injuries of the knee and lower leg. It also helps prevent post-jogging soreness.
  • Stretching for bodybuilders: Stretching helps bodybuilders lengthen and tone their muscles. Stretching for bodybuilders should involve stretching of the opposing muscles like biceps/triceps, abs, and hamstrings. The stretching for bodybuilders should be static, gentle, and light.

However, stretching should be performed under the guidance of a trainer or expert. If performed in an inadequate or inappropriate manner, it could actually lead to adverse effects on your muscles.

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