What are the treatments for boils under armpits?

Boils on the armpits are known to be extremely painful especially when they are not correctly treated. Boils under the armpits and groin are not only painful but in some cases they are also known to cause a fever. In fact a chronic infection of armpit boils may even disrupt ones day to day activities. Boils are of different types and they only differ from one another in terms of their location, nature of how they developed as well as their formation. One of the most common armpit boils causes is a condition known as folliculitis. Folliculitis is a process wherein the follicles of hair tend to are infected by bacteria. Folliculitis could occur at any part of the person's body where hair follicles are present, including the groin. These hair follicles tend to develop boils when the hair gets exposed to large amount of friction because of some physical activity. In some cases, the hair follicles may even get filled with some foreign bodies which in turn results in the spread of the infection.

The armpits region of an individual is known to have sweat glands that are highly developed. However on account of sweating excessively, the ducts that connect the sweat glands to the hair follicle tend to get blocked with the particles or the residue left behind after the sweat has dried up. This in turn increases the possibility of infections thereby giving rise to boil in the armpits. Armpit boils treatment becomes essential at times because the boils tend to get very severe and may even occur repeated after some time. In such cases the most commonly used method to get rid of boils under the armpits is surgery wherein the sweat glands are removed. Another one of the armpit boils causes is the accumulation of the sebum which is the oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands that acts as a natural lubricant or enabling the growth of the shaft of hair. This accumulated sebum at times clogs or jams the tract that connects the follicle and the gland and gives rise to pus filled reddened nodes or boils. This condition is commonly observed in teenagers who are more prone to development of boils in the armpits because of the high level of hormonal activity at their age. Boils under armpits is also known to be caused or aggravated by smoking, high levels of stress, excessive use of perfumes or deodorants and consuming fatty foods excessively.

One of the best boils under armpit treatments that can be practiced at home involves the use of turmeric. Turmeric is known to be highly effective against boils in the armpit or the groin area because it is a blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and even helps in maintaining the overall good health of one's digestive system. Turmeric if consumed on a regular basis for a few days is known to cure armpit boils in just a few days. In this home remedy for boils under the armpits one should mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and then consume this mixture followed with two glasses of plain drinking water. Ideally, the mixture of turmeric and water should be consumed at least thrice a day. However while adopting this armpit boil home remedy, one should keep in mind that turmeric may also lead to constipation and is in fact used to cure diarrhea naturally. Another natural groin boils treatment that can also be used for armpit boils involves slicing a tomato into two halves and then slightly warming both halves. These halves should then be placed over the boils while the tomatoes are still warm. The tomato poultice should be allowed to remain on the boils either overnight or just for a couple of hours. This home remedy for boils is known to bring the boil to a head rapidly till it finally bursts. One may also prepare a paste of fresh tomatoes and apply it in the boils for some time. Groin boils treatment at home also includes using the juice of some freshly crushed garlic or even applying a raw piece of garlic directly onto the boil. This may cause some pain or burning initially but usually within 24 hours the boil will have disappeared. Honey is also an excellent treatment for boils under armpits especially pure, raw honey which should be rubbed onto the affected region generously. honey is known to be effective in draining the abscess and even causing the boils to disappear quickly.

One of the best natural treatment for armpit boils is to slightly dampen a wash cloth and then pour some sea salt onto this cloth. This cloth along with the salt should then be held against the boil for around 30 minutes. Thereafter one should dip a small ball of cotton in some castor oil and some salt and keep it against the boil all night by using a band or a tape. This treatment will result in the boil disappearing or bursting within a day. One may also treat boils under armpits at home by using a hot water bottle or a cloth that has been steeped in some hot water. The cloth may be used as a warm compress and should be held against the boil. Another treatment for boils under armpits and groin is to boil around half a cup of water and then prepare a paste using the warm water and some cornmeal. This paste should then be applied to the boil and covered using a gauze pad. This process should be repeated every two hours as far as possible or till the boil comes to head. Another effective but slightly slower home remedy known to draw the pus to a head in case of boils in the armpits and the groin involves applying some boiled warm egg whites directly onto the boil. One of the simplest home remedies for boils in the armpit region is to cut thick slices of a raw onion and place these slices on top of the boil.

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Some people tend to encapsulate toxins and create boils and tumors. In the armpits, it is most likely due to congested lymphatic channels. So, the idea is to facilitate elimination by drinking 1/2 your body weight in pure/filtered water daily, avoiding anti-perspirants, doing lymphatic massage, doing dry skin brushing and hydrotherapies to improve circulation in this area. Hydrotherapies are typically 3 minutes hot compresses/30 seconds cold compresses x 3. You can also decrease the ingestion or toxin exposures. Record the incidence of your symptoms, and review your eating and lifestyle patterns to identify the cause of your toxic overloads. There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that can help. These need to be selected on an individualized basis. So, seek the advice of a trained health care professional if this is a chronic condition.

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