I have a small oval shaped face. I'm 5'8 in height so my face tends to look quiet small. I have wavy hair, that curl towards the end. Please suggest a hair cut that would suit me.

A great hairstyle increases beauty and gives you confidence. When you want to choose a new hairstyle, you need take into consideration your height, facial features, and the type of your hair. Being tall and having an oval face is great, as you have a large choice of styles to try out. A style that shows most of the face for someone with a small face is recommended by many hair stylists. Following are a few styles that could look great on you:

  • Short hairstyles can help you look younger than you are, as it brings out all your facial features. The greatest advantage of having an oval face is that you can trim your hair to any extent you want. You could try a chin length cut or a bold super short style. This cut suits best if your existing hair is naturally wavy.
  • Layers help to highlight your facial features. You need to start with identifying the best feature of your face. It could be your cheekbone, your chin, or lips, and after you have found them, try a layer near your best feature. This will help your best feature to stand out well. Depending on the length of your face you could choose to go with a short or long layer. A short layer normally makes your face look longer than it is.
  • You could try a sleek modern angular bob cut that is short from the back and slightly longer towards your jaws. This cut sets emphasis on your cheekbones and also helps your face look larger. A short bob cut with uneven edges could also look good on someone with a tall frame and a small face.
  • If you would like a long hairstyle try a very simple look with hair falling just below the shoulders with absolutely no bangs. You could try parting your hair from the side giving it a classical and sophisticated look.
  • Though long haircuts suit an oval face, hair experts do not recommend them for someone with a smaller face. It is also a good idea to avoid frontal bangs near your forehead as it covers some part of your face, making it look smaller.

You must try avoiding styles that have excessive hair falling on the face as this can change the shape of your face. It also tends to drive the attention away from a feature that you are trying to highlight.Remember to show as much as possible of your beautiful face and this certainly will help you look smarter and sophisticated.

answered by G M

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