I fell down and hit my head to the floor and it hurts a lot what should I do?

Injuries of this nature that involve trauma to the head are generally referred to as concussion. In most cases the concussion is mild and poses no life threatening or serious risk, but there is a possibility of short term problems. The term concussion refers specifically to “closed head” type of injuries that do not involve any bleeding under the skull or into the brain. To help you better understand the severity of your injury it would be best to identify the type of concussion.

A simple concussion resolves gradually and there will be no effects after a week or 10 days.
A complex concussion is one in which the symptoms do not resolve and it in fact affects the thought process. This is generally a problem with individuals who have suffered repeated concussions. As the cause of your injury is quite obvious it would not make sense to illustrate possible causes.

Symptoms that you could expect to experience would include a temporary loss of consciousness, headaches, disorientation, dizziness and nausea or vomiting. In severe cases a medical professional can evaluate the injury and accordingly recommend the course of action. To play it safe it would be best to get scans done. Mild concussions however rarely are much of a problem and the most common recommendation is simply rest for the next 24 hours. It would be a good idea to have someone check on the injured person from time to time, and have the patient wake up every two to three hours to as to make sure that the person is still alert and not experiencing any symptoms of a more serious injury.

An injury of this nature, sustained through a blow to the head would most likely cause a mild to severe headache that is best treated with a drug called acetaminophen that is available over the counter. Do not use any standard headache medications as most anti inflammatory painkillers and drugs like aspirin can increase bleeding. If it so happens that the injury is a lot more severe than suspected and there is internal bleeding than this could be extremely dangerous. The best response would be to check with your physician.

If the pain you are currently experiencing resolves this does not mean that you can return to any physical activity. Continue to rest for the 24 hour period. It’s also important that you avoid any environment that is bright, busy and noisy. Avoid watching TV, sitting at a computer, or reading books and any other activities that require concentration and thought.

Very often the injury may seem a lot worse than it really is as an external bruise or abrasion to the head would cause a lot more bleeding as compared to other areas of the body. This however does not imply that you should treat it lightly as even a seemingly mild accident could lead to brain damage which is why any head injury should be referred to a medical expert.

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