Can You Go Outside When You Have Chicken Pox?

Chicken pox is caused by a virus referred to as vericella zoster. Although anyone can get affected by this virus, young children and people with a weak immune system are more prone to it. The incubation period for chicken pox is one to three weeks. This means that the symptoms of the ailment start appearing during this period after actual the infection has taken place. The incubation period for chicken pox may vary from person to person.

Chicken pox is a highly contagious infection and can easily spread through direct contact or airborne transmission of water droplets by sneezing or coughing. So it is best that you do not go out when you have chicken pox as you may transmit the virus to others.

By taking simple precautions, you can prevent spreading the ailment. Some useful tips for chicken pox are as under:

  • Avoid direct contact with other people.
  • The clothes of the infected person should be soaked in boiling water before washing so as to kill the virus. Crusts should also be burnt.
  • Do not scratch the blisters or crusts as it may result in other complications such as bacterial infections.
  • Use a nose mask while taking care of the patient and wash your hands with some disinfectant.
  • Strictly follow the advice of your doctor.

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Are there any home remedies for chicken pox?

Since chicken pox is a viral infection, there is no treatment for it. It is cured on its own within two weeks. However, there are several ways to provide relief from the symptoms of the disease. You could take steps to provide relief from the sore throat and fever as well as for the prevention of scarring, which may occur due to the blisters. This can be easily done at home. Hence, home remedies for chicken pox or natural cures for chicken pox involve remedies to manage symptoms. In addition to this, medical treatment is necessary so as to prevent further complications and bacterial infections. Some of the home remedies for chicken pox are mentioned hereunder:

  • For relief from the itching, mix about half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bathtub filled with warm water. Stay in the tub for 15 minutes. This will give considerable relief from itching and pain. Alternatively, you can use brown vinegar as well.
  • In order to sooth and facilitate fast healing, apply vitamin E oil on the rashes at least twice a day. This will not only give relief from itching but will also prevent scarring.
  • Drink soup made from carrots and coriander leaves two to three times a day. It helps in faster recovery from the weakness caused by chicken pox.

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What are the causes and symptoms of chicken pox?

So what are the causes and symptoms of chicken pox? Chicken pox occurs due to a viral infection; the virus is known as verisella zoster. Although this virus can affect people of any age group, people with a suppressed immune system and young kids are more vulnerable to it. Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease. It spreads through direct contact or coming in contact with droplets due to coughing or sneezing of an affected person. The symptoms of chicken pox appear after 10 to 20 days of the viral infection. This period is referred to as incubation period. Common symptoms of chicken pox are as under:

  • Mild fever
  • Rashes and blisters start appearing on face, hands, and legs, and gradually spread to all over the body. Sometimes, the rashes may affect the genitals as well.
  • After seven to ten days,the blisters begin to dry and crust formation takes place. Gradually, these crusts fall off and the condition is said to be cured.

These are common symptoms of chicken pox. Although there is no treatment for chicken pox, there are some home remedies for providing relief from the symptoms, such as itching on rashes and prevention of scarring. For relief from itching, you may add some apple cider vinegar in bath water and to prevent scars, you can rub lemon slice after the crusts get removed. Natural treatment of chicken pox is advisable alongside medical treatment. Prescribed antibiotics are given so as to prevent any bacterial infections.

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Does a person experiencing chicken pox need to adhere to a specific diet?

No, not specifically. While there is no specific diet for chicken pox, like in any other disease, you need to maintain healthy food habits in order to prevent further aggravation of the condition. Some foods however do help in recovering from the weakness caused by chicken pox.

Hence, when it comes to a diet for chicken pox, consider the following:

  • You must include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily dietary plan.
  • Drink a lot of fluid and fruit juices.
  • Lemon juice and the juices of other citrus fruits can be consumed three to four times a day. Vitamin C in these fruits is very beneficial for providing relief from the symptoms of chicken pox such as fever and itching.
  • Drink a soup made of fresh carrots and coriander leaves at least three to four times a day. This greatly helps in recovering from the fatigue and weakness caused by chicken pox virus.
  • Drink an herbal tea made from cinnamon or chamomile two to three times a day. This will help bring down the fever and provide relief to the sore throat.

Chicken pox foods to avoid include fried and oily foods. Junk food should be strictly avoided. For more precise advice, consult your health care provider.

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You can go outside but cover up. Tell everyone around that you have chicken pox especially men. If they never had them as a child it can cause problems if they get them as an adult. Same with pregnant women. Being outside is good for you because you get fresh air.

I wouldn't go to a shopping mall or anything. Just hang out in the backyard.

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