Does application of honey on scalp cause grey hair

Honey is like a simple form of sugar and therefore, if consumed in excess, can cause symptoms normally associated with ageing, like gray hair and wrinkles. However, if you apply honey topically over your scalp, it will not change the color of your hair to gray.

Generally, a person’s hair turns gray or white, because the cells that produce pigments and provide color to their hair, stop functioning properly. Even the application of harsh chemicals or bleach to your hair will not cause it to turn white. However, it could damage your hair in other ways, causing it to develop split-ends, become very dry or even fall. To dispel any doubts, it is important for you to understand what can cause your hair to gray prematurely. Regardless of the application or consumption of any product, less intake of vitamins, excessive stress, anxiety or tensions can make your hair gray early.

You can make your own hair conditioner, using honey. Take half a cup of honey and mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil. (In case you have dry hair, add the third tablespoon). Divide your hair into sections, and apply the mixture on your hair, coating each section thoroughly. Cover your head with a cloth or a shower cap, to retain your scalp-heat, which helps the oil to penetrate the scalp further. Keep the mixture on for about an hour and then wash it off thoroughly.

Honey can also make your hair shine, if used with warm water, after you shampoo your hair. Take about four cups of warm water, add a teaspoon of honey to it, and blend them together properly. After you apply your shampoo, pour this mixture through your hair slowly and then do not rinse it out. Allow your hair to dry as you usually do, after which you should notice an extra shine to your hair.

Mild consumption of uncooked honey can actually prevent your hair from graying further. Grate some fresh ginger and add the juice to your bottle of honey. Drink one teaspoon of your ginger-honey everyday, which will prevent further graying. A combination of honey and cinnamon can be used to reduce hair-loss, increasing the growth of hair. The mixture is also good for nurturing hair. Most people do not like to apply honey topically on their hair, as it can be a sticky and messy affair. Fortunately, there are many other natural products available, that are equally, if not more beneficial to the health of your hair. Some of these products are - oil, eggs, yoghurt, and the like.

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