My height is 5ft I am 27 years old my weight is 58kg. My tummy is still big as I was 5 months pregnant. Please advise some remedy to get in shape. I have acidity problem so I cannot diet?

For 5 ft height, 58 kg i do not see as really obese, and you may be able to loose weight easily if you adopt some food recommendations given by previous response to your querry.

It is clear from your post that you miscarried. The misacrriage is a trauma to body. During pregnancy, hormones tune themselves to give good digestion and tissue building so that womb can be taken care adequately and typically breasts also enlarge as baby has to be fed for 2-3 years. After miscarriage it takes time for hormones to balance, and balance is achieved about 3 months after cycles start again.

After post partum, after bleeding stops, there is practice of tying a cloth around the tummy tightly for about 3 weeks. this helps tummy to return to normal shape. there are three stage decoctions to be taken for 42 days post-partum, in ayurveda. Now you may have missed all this, perhaps not knowing it.

So best suggestion that can be given to you is to take Dashmularishtam 20 ml with equal water after lunch and dinner. This slowly restores the pelvic muscles to their natural tone. Cleans the uterus. Taking ginger+turmeric+black pepper+trifla decoction daily will help throwing away excess kapha (fat accumulation in adipose tissues) through colon. 2 cups water, add 1/2 inch piece of ginger root, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1-2 black peeper, 1 tsp trifla powder. boil till 1 cup remains. when luke warm, add 1/2 lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and drink this three times a day. early morning, walk 2 km. This increase of cellular oxygen will help burning fat around tummy.

at bedtime, taking 15 ml extra virgin olive oil with equal lemon juice and 1 cup water, mixed well and taken very slowly will also help keeping colon and liver fit for the fat melting job.

If you have energy and time, fomentation of tummy area, especially below navel, using castor oil massage for 5 minutes and applying electric pad thereafter for 30 inutes also helps.

answered by S B

Your post-partum hormone and mental/emotional balance can certainly affect the speed at which you will be able to lose weight. The two important variables are food choices and movement (exercise.) There is no "quick fix" (other than surgeries) for weight loss. Stomach acidity, GERD, etc. are not valid reasons for avoiding making healthier food choices. So, begin to choose less refined carbohydrates, and choose lower glycemic index foods and more healthy green vegetables for every single meal and snack. Reduce your caloric intake and increase your exercise. Find a support group with the same interests. Ensure your thyroid and adrenal functions are adequate. Often the root of GERD is the laxity of the lower esophageal sphincter which can cause stomach acid to back up into the esophagus. If you have excess weight, you may also have a hiatal hernia. Have your vision examined. Make a commitment to do this, get some professional support, and you will be successful!

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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