How to cure sore gums?

Sore gums can be extremely painful and if neglected can even lead to bleeding gums, which are a lot more painful. As with most dental problems it is best that you visit a dentist as almost all home remedies for dental ailments are only effective against the symptoms and for relief. They do not solve the problem however, and using natural remedies to simply delay a dentist's visit indefinitely can prove to be a lot more expensive and painful.

Bacteria reside in our mouths and actually help with the digestion of mouth. These bacteria when present in healthy amounts are useful and do no damage but when there is an excess build up of bacteria then problems like tooth decay, gingivitis and other gum problems start to develop. The bacteria responsible for conditions like gingivitis reside in the plaque and can also cause a variety of problems if not treated appropriately, like toothaches, receding gums, and a loosening of the teeth. It would therefore be advisable that you consult your dentist at the earliest but in the meantime here are some remedies that are quite popular and can help.

  • Bergamot oil is frequently used as a remedy for toothaches and sore gums. Since it contains natural antiseptic properties the oil is often employed for the treatment of painful mouth sores too. It can be used like a mouthwash or you could even apply it onto the sore gums.
  • Clove oil is probably the most valuable natural remedy for dental health and is still used in almost all mouthwashes and toothpastes. You can simply apply it gently onto the sore gums.
  • Oregano and oregano oil is another widely used ingredient in natural dental health care. It has strong antiseptic properties and has a long history of usage for sore gums in Europe. The oil can be added to some warm water and gargled with or simply rubbed on to the sore gums.
  • Grapefruit is rich in bioflavonoids and is also believed to be good for the health of your gums.
  • You can also sip on some peppermint tea to treat your sore gums just as the ancient Chinese used to. Boil around five grams of peppermint in a cup of water and add some salt to it. Consume it as soon as it cools down.

Whether or not the remedies work it is imperative that you pay a visit to a dentist to make sure that problem is solved completely.

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