What is a diuretic, its uses and side effects?

The kidneys are a pair of highly important organs in the human body. These organs perform the job of filtering the blood of the body. The blood in the human body contains plenty of waste materials and plenty of toxic material as well. These are products which are produced during the various metabolic processes that take place within the body. The kidneys filter out these wastes and pass them into the urinary bladder. Here, urine collects until there is a sufficient amount present to prompt urination. This natural process of blood filtration takes place throughout the day. Diuretics are used to aid this process. Using a natural diuretic or a synthetic diuretic would help in clearing the system of the various toxins present in it.

There are many different medical conditions that can affect the efficiency with which an individual's body filters out waste materials. Often, there need not even be any medical condition present; it is simply the state of the individual's general health that may affect the efficiency with which blood is filtered. A diuretic is a substance that promotes the functioning of the kidney system such that it works more efficiently. The two most common medical conditions to affect an individual who has poor kidney function are edema and high blood pressure. Edema is a condition that is popularly known as fluid retention or water retention. This happens when the body does not expel enough volume of water in the form of urine. This leads to fluid collection, especially in the cells of the lower legs and ankles. Swollen ankles are a sign of edema. It is important to use diuretics for water retention and diuretics for high blood pressure. However, these diuretics should be used only under medical supervision as the body may react poorly to a sudden change in its fluid balance. It is much better to use a natural diuretic food substance rather than a synthetic one.

A commonly used natural diuretic is green tea. Green tea is a popular natural diuretic that can be used to rid the body of excess water. Green tea is also useful in general as it tends to benefit the health of an individual. The application of green tea can also be classified as the use of a diuretic for weight loss. The human body comprises of a large amount of water. If a part of this fluid is eliminated, the individual will lose weight. This process is known as diuretic weight loss as it is encouraged through the use of diuretics.

It should be noted that an individual with no symptoms of fluid retention and no symptoms of high blood pressure must not try to boost his or her diuretic intake as these diuretic side effects could prove to be fatal. This may actually be counterproductive as it can deny the body of vital fluids that it needs. An individual with none of these symptoms should follow a normal, natural and healthy diet. This type of diet will ensure that the individual has plenty of the right nutrients in the body. A good amount of natural diuretic will also be added to the system in any case as long as a healthy diet is followed.

There are some foods that are diuretics as well. These either promote kidney function or indirectly stimulate the functioning of the urinary system. Carrots, tomatoes, beets and asparagus are all known to help with the normal functioning of the kidney system.

The fluid balance of the body is very important for general health. Every individual needs to consume a good amount of water and other liquids. Hydration helps the body in a number of different and crucial ways. Good hydration is a part of a healthy diet, a part that is often ignored by individuals who tend to discount its importance in comparison to the other dietary changes.

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A diuretic is that which promotes water loss from the water by increasing urine output and loss of salt or sodium from the body. Diuretic medications may be given to reduce water retention (edema) in the body. They may be used as part of the treatment for high blood pressure,liver disease, heart disease or congestive cardiac failure. Caffeine is a mild diuretic.

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A diuretic is a substance which promotes urine production and flow by increasing the amount of water in the urine. Therefore, a diuretic is able to remove water and fluid from the body. The kidneys are responsible for maintaining the proper water balance in the body but many factors (including drugs) can influence the kidneys' ability to maintain this balance.

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