my under arms are so dark what to do ?

Dark underarms are an exceedingly common skin problem that afflicts all of us irrespective of gender. Unfortunately for women it becomes a matter of greater concern because of the stress on appearances, and because dark under arms tend to be more noticeable and unappealing, when revealed through sleeveless tops or spaghetti tops. For this reason women generally try to get rid of underarm hair, and a method that is most commonly employed is shaving. This of course only exacerbates and contributes to the problem. So the first thing you need to keep in mind is that shaving is not an option for you.

Darkening or blackening of the underarms is a huge problem that could be caused by a variety of factors, and not just shaving. Understanding the causes can help you determine the cause of your own condition and accordingly treat it by eliminating or avoiding the factor that causes this problem. Friction is a major problem, and this is particularly true if you are overweight. Wearing tight blouses or tops that rub against the skin can also produce the same effect. Excessive perspiration is another problem that needs to be tackled, and dressing appropriately can help. Poor levels of personal hygiene can contribute to this problem, as it can lead to fungal infections.

Hair removal methods may at times aggravate or cause the problem, as is the case with shaving. Try alternate methods of hair removal like sugaring. Shaving is possibly the worst method you could use as it causes a darkening and thickening of the hair growth. This makes the dark hair visible even before it reaches the surface, particularly for those with light skin. When shaving, there is also some amount of friction. Waxing is preferred by some but it can be very painful and problematic, so you need to try different methods and find the one that suits you best.

Neglecting to scrub the area thoroughly and very often despite the scrubbing, you can experience a build up of dead skin cells, which would again contribute to the darkening of your underarms. This can be remedied with a scrub, using a pumice stone. Lemon can also help you towards the same effect as it is believed to help remove dead skin cells and restore a fresh look. Slice a lemon in two, and apply and rub a slice gently against your underarms to get rid of the darkened appearance.

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