How to remove unwanted facial hair?

No hair removal technique can work permanently except for laser hair removal in which a laser is fired on to the skin to destroy hair follicles at the root. Most of the hair removal treatments that are used to pull out hair from the skin are quite long-lasting and they will eventually ensure that hair does not grow on that part of the body after some cycles of treatment. On the face, the best methods of hair removal are waxing or sugaring and threading. All of these are quite ancient methods of removing hair from the face though the threading procedure would have to be performed by experts and you cannot do it on your own. However, threading is quite effective and lends an artistic touch to the depilation process, especially for the eyebrows.

Waxing or sugaring is the weapon of choice when you want to remove facial hair immediately. This is rather simple. All you need is some hair removal wax, heat it up, apply it, use the strips given with the wax, and just quickly pull off the strips from the skin. The hair should come out along with it. The only problem with using synthetic wax is that some people tend to be allergic to the wax and sometimes the skin does get irritated. To tide over these problems all you need to do is make a solution of sugar syrup and orange juice. Heat it until it becomes a thick consistency and apply it over the skin. Use a porous cloth like denim and place it over the wax. Let it harden and when you feel your skin tightening, pull the cloth off in one swift motion. The level of skin irritation that you will feel with this method is much less as compared to when you use wax.

Another method that comes from the orient is the use of chick pea flour in a paste. This needs to be mixed with turmeric powder and applied to the skin. Use water to make the paste. Leave the solution on for an hour more until the paste naturally dries up and when you are done, you can just wash off the paste. This can be useful when you are dealing with hair that is a light fuzz and not tougher coarser hair. On some parts of the face, simply using tweezers is also a good idea especially if you are dealing with the eyebrows.

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