Can ring worm kill you if you don't take care of it?

Ringworm or tinea corporis refers to a medical condition caused by dermophytes which live on the upper layer of the skin. The condition is typically marked by patches of the skin affected by a rash, which is commonly round or oval in shape and has an outer ring with a cleaner patch inside, thus leading to the name. A type of fungal infection the condition is accompanied by itching and even pain at times and is not really a serious medical condition or an emergency that warrants strong medications. Normally the symptoms of ringworm fade in some time even if it is not treated officially, but if the symptoms persist or if they are accompanied by high fever you should consult a doctor for adequate treatment. You can treat ringworms with the help of simple home remedies since an untreated condition can become chronic if ignored for very long and cause other problems.

Since ringworm is extremely contagious and is most commonly passed on by physical contact you should avoid all physical contact with the person till the infection has been treated. It is also important to maintain strict levels of hygiene by bathing daily and washing the affected area regularly with cold water and keeping the area dry by wiping gently with a towel. It is obvious that you should take adequate care to quarantine the affected person’s clothing, towels and bed linen. If the infection is in the initial stages, simply keeping the area clean and exfoliating the affected patches of skin gently with some warm water can help to treat the condition. In a slightly more advanced case, you can wipe the affected areas thrice a day with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of vinegar and water mixed in the proportion of 1:3. You can also apply the juice of turmeric on the patches since turmeric is beneficial for treating all kinds of infections. Alternately you can consume a mix of 1 spoonful each of turmeric juice and honey every day till the infection has been treated completely. Application of the juice of basil leaves is also effective in treating ringworms. Another effective home remedy involves application of a paste prepared with mustard seeds after the area has been cleaned properly with warm water. Similarly papaya seeds can be dried and ground to a paste and this can be applied on the rashes for treating ringworm. Application of the mashed fruit of the papaya is also beneficial in treating ringworms naturally. Apart from this you should rub coconut oil or Vitamin E oil on your skin to prevent it from drying excessively and aggravating the rash and stick to a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, adequate liquid intake and plenty of fresh air and exercise.

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