I swallowed a fish bone. What should I do?

In the first place, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you have swallowed a fish bone. Several small bones are quite easily ingested as well as digested by the human body. The problem would arise if you have managed to get the bone stuck in your throat. Sometimes, the finer and softer skin of the throat manages top capture really small bones and they remain there for days. Once again, while they do not cause any real harm, they will always be an irritant. There are a few easy ways to try and push the bone that is stuck in down your throat. This is the only option you have. If you are hoping that you will be able to extract the bone and get it out completely, then this is not going to be possible. The easiest way to get the bone down your throat is to take a large bolus of food and use this to push it down. Try to eat a mouthful of potato chips and chew on them till they are a large ball of food. It is not necessary that you wait till each fragment of wafer becomes soft. Even if there is a slight hard piece of wafer left in the bolus, you can swallow this. The combination of slightly firm food, which would be the potato chips and salt, which would end up drying the throat considerably, will create a good environment to be able to push the bone down. A lot of pressure will come on the bone, so this should work very well. If it does not work once, try it a few times. Of course, this is subject to the fact that you are allowed to eat potato chips in the first place!

If not, you can also try the same thing with a mouthful of toasted bread. This will also work very well. Just make sure you do not drink water over this food. The idea is to dry swallow the food so that you are not troubled with the bone sticking around. If your throat is dry only then will the bone be effectively pushed out. Otherwise, you may just find that no matter how much you are eating and trying to push the bone down, you will not be able to. The bone will continue to cling there. Since these remedies are harmless, you could try them for a day or two.

answered by G M

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