Advice On How To Control Uric Acid Level: Is 6.5Mg Uric Acid High In Women, Age 24. And Also Titre 300 Dangerous When Ra Test Is Negative?

The measures you have provided are undoubtedly high for your age and all of them also exceed the general normal range as well. The only positive thing you have mentioned in your diagnosis is that you have tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis, more commonly known as RA. Your uric acid levels are higher than the normal range. The normal range of uric acid levels in the body top off at 6.00 mg. In order to change this equation, you would need to make a few changes in your regular routine of diet. If you start eating less of food that is high in uric acid content, then you will find it easier to battle this statistic. If is always better to try to change your diet first and see if you can bring this level back to normal than it is to go on to medication straight away. The latter is a method that will become a permanent feature of your lifestyle and you do not want to do that. Typically, you should cut back on foods that are high in yeast content. The commonest one in this list would be bread of all kinds.

You should also try to cut back on red meat, which is extremely high in uric acid content. In particular, pork and all pork products will have too much of uric acid and must be completely left out of your diet. If you can, try to skip eating all red meat completely. This will make a huge difference in your attempts to lower uric acid content in your body. Another thing you need to stop eating would be sea food, which is extremely high in uric acid content. Alcohol is also extremely high in uric acid content and can be skipped altogether. You can add cherries to your diet. These are known to be the best way of naturally reducing uric acid levels of the body. You should also try to eat foods that are rich in folic acid. This will help to bring down the levels of uric acid in your body considerably. These would include strawberries, all sorts of sprouted beans, cooked lentils, sunflower seeds, asparagus and oranges. If you try to get in at least one ingredient from this list into each meal, you will see a significant change at the end of a month. You should also check your heredity to see why you have such high ASO titre levels.

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