When a child loses his nails without pain? Help me on this.

You have not mentioned how old your child is, if he or she is suffering from any illness or any injury. You also have not mentioned anything about taking your child to the doctor. Have you had a medical check up and diagnostics? The nails are an extension of the skin tissue and are equally prone to infections. I would suggest that you take your child to the doctor immediately. If in case your doctor is unable to diagnose this condition then take your child to a good dermatologist. A dermatologist will offer expert advice and treatment as they are well versed in treating all conditions of the skin including the nails. Your child could be suffering from a viral infection of some kind that has reached the nail bed and has infected it making it weak and causing the nails to fall off. In most cases the nails grow back but it is best to get medical attention as quickly as possible. The following are some of the nail infections that lead to nail loss.

Onychomycosis is a type of fungal or yeast infection of nails. The lateral and proximal nail folds act as a seal or barrier between the surrounding tissue and the nail plate. If a break or tear occurs in this seal the bacteria can easily enter it causing an infection. It usually appears yellowish or whitish in color and is characterized by nail plate separation or onycholysis and has evident debris and or dirt under the nail plate. It may also change the shape and texture of the nails. The nail plate is composed of keratin, a kind of protein, and the fungus that infects the nail digests this protein. Thus the infection spreads and the debris keeps accumulating under the nail plate. This causes discoloration of the nails. Sometimes other organisms may also invade and if this is left untreated the infection spreads and slowly the nails crumble and fall off.

Ringworm of the nails, also called as Tinea Unguis, is characterized by deformity, nail thickening and finally results in the loss of the nail plate. Onychatrophia is the wasting away of the nail plate that causes it to become smaller, lose its lustre and sometimes fall off entirely. Your child could have one of these infections too.

To treat a nail infection you could use an ointment or solution of the following herbs:

Lemon Grass has supportive properties for skin and nail health. It helps to maintain the process of nail bed and skin cell regeneration.

Tea Tree Oil is used externally for the skin as it helps to maintain nail health and integrity and has excellent supportive properties for the skin.

Clove Oil is considered an excellent tonic for the nails and skin.

Lavender a sweet smelling essential oil is used for its beneficial effects on the nail and skin.

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