What will stop or elievate cramp down the shin bone which is very painful?

There are several reasons why you may experience cramps, but if the pain or discomfort seems to be coming from the shin bone itself, then it might be something other than cramps. Problems with the bone itself might cause you pain or discomfort, and may need to be looked into.

It is not clear whether you are having trouble with both your legs or only one. If it is only one leg that is affected, it could be the result of some past injury. If you can think of any injury that might be causing such problems, you should mention it to your doctor on your next visit. A little bit of rest should do the trick, and possibly some amount of physiotherapy. Problems with the sciatic nerve could also cause a cramp like sensation in your shin, and this usually affects only one leg (although it could affect both too). Treatment of such a problem will require medical diagnosis, and cannot be done on your own.

If you are experiencing actual cramps in your shin (or shins), you will need to look at a number of factors. First try to eliminate the simple, basic possibilities. Cramps can be caused by cold temperatures, so ensure that your legs are warm. If the cramps occur when you exercise, then there is a good chance that your muscles simply need to be stretched and warmed up first. Cramps can also occur simply as a result of too much exertion, so if you exercise you should consider the possibility that you are overdoing it. Since the cramps only affect the lower part of your legs, there is a good chance that one of these is the reason. If you exercise, you should also ensure that you drink enough water, as dehydration too can cause cramps.

Other factors that could cause cramps to occur include mineral deficiencies, so ensure that your diet is giving you all the nutrients you need. Two deficiencies that commonly cause cramps are deficiencies in calcium and potassium. If you regularly eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, you should be getting all the required nutrients and you can probably rule this possibility out, and if you already know that you have certain deficiencies, then you should try a little harder to correct them through your diet and supplements. Certain drugs can also increase the likelihood of cramps occurring, and if you are on any medication, you should ask your doctor about the side effects.

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