How to remove ear wax in a 4 year old

Ear wax is a sticky yellowish substance that is secreted by our ear canals. Many people think that this wax needs to be removed in order to clean the ear, but this is unnecessary. Ear wax is not a waste product, but serves several important purposes - these include cleaning the ear, lubricating and moisturizing the ear canal, and protecting against bacterial and fungal infections. Removing wax is therefore harmful, and in fact allows the ear to get dirty and infected. Usually, wax does not build up in the ear and there is no need to physically remove it. Our ears have a natural mechanism by which excess wax is removed, and in most cases this mechanism functions extremely well.

If for any reason ear wax builds up and needs to be removed, it should be done by a medical professional. The ears are extremely sensitive and delicate, especially in a four year old child, and the smallest mistake can cause serious permanent damage. Such accidents do not happen very often, but minor problems do occur, including infections and blockages as a result of improper cleaning.

The most common method of cleaning the ears is by using a cotton ear bud. However, in general, it is recommended that people do not use this method to clean their ears, as it tends to push wax deeper inside the ear instead of removing it. The best way to remove excessive wax on your own is to make use of the body's natural wax cleaning mechanism. Chewing gum is recommended for most people, as the constant chewing motion of the jaw tends to loosen wax that may be lodged in the ear canal. (This chewing motion and ear wax are in fact the main components of the ear's cleaning mechanism.) You may not want to give a four year old child chewing gum, so you could consider replacing it with some chewy food that is healthier and that your child enjoys.

If this doesn't work, you should simply make an appointment with your doctor. You have not mentioned why you want to clean your child's ears. If your child has been complaining of pain, itching, or a hearing problem, it may be due to a build up of wax, or it may be due to a ear infection. In either case, proper and prompt medical attention is necessary in order to diagnose and treat the problem.

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