Cure for freckles

Freckles are basically spots of excessive pigmentation in the skin, caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. This is why they appear mainly on the face, neck, and hands - these are the parts of the body that tend to be exposed to sunlight whenever we go outdoors. There are a number of home remedies for freckles, but their effectiveness is quite limited. Any pigmentation problem takes time to go away, and home remedies can at the most speed up the process a little bit. Getting rid of freckles is similar to getting rid of a tan. Once your skin has produced the melanin in response to the exposure to sunlight, there is no quick and easy way to get it out of your skin.

Not being able to use lemon as a home remedy for freckles is therefore no great loss. Whether you use any home remedies or not, freckles will take several months to disappear; a couple of weeks more or less hardly matters much. Even if you want to speed up the process by whatever little it is possible to do so, there are other options available. Cucumber and raw potato are supposed to have mild bleaching effects on the skin, and are therefore recommended for tans and freckles. You can simply apply slices of cucumber or potato on the freckled areas of your skin, or else juice a cucumber or a potato, and apply this juice to your skin. Leave the slices or the juice on your skin for around half an hour, and then wash it off with plain water. If you must use soap, use a mild soap. At night, you should massage your skin with a small amount of vitamin E oil before you go to bed. You should also use a face scrub when you wake up in the morning - this can be a reliable product that is suitable for your face, or even a home made preparation such as a mix of honey, ground almonds, and sandalwood powder.

However, more important than using these home remedies is protecting your skin from further exposure to sunlight. As far as possible, you should avoid going out in the sun, especially during peak hours. If you must go out, you should apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 40, and in addition, wear a hat and clothes that cover as much skin area as possible.

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