My tooth is broke half way off I am having severe tooth pain what can I do?

For severe toothache, the best remedy to use is to apply a drop of clove oil to the tooth that is paining. If your tooth has broken off into two, then you will find it easier to administer this remedy as well. Simply use cotton wool and place it on the broken tooth. This will help the oil to penetrate well and deeply into the crevice left behind by the tooth. Keep in mind that while this remedy is the best thing to use, it may not always work as fast as you would like it to. For immediate relief, you can use ice cubes. Make it a point to keep reapplying clove oil, as this will probably be the best way to take care of toothache at home. If you cannot find clove oil, then you can also try to keep a single clove pressed between your broken tooth and the one below or above it. After a while, the clove will start releasing its own juice and oil mixed with your saliva and will also start seeping into your broken tooth. This will also help you the same way the clove oil will. But while you are doing this, you can also keep ice cubes in your mouth to help with the pain immediately. This will numb the entire area and will help you by providing relief. And in the meantime, the cloves will also keep working their magic. There are also some other easy methods you can use for relief from severe toothache. One of the best ones is to keep a used and chilled tea bag clamped between your teeth. If you can get your hands on it, a green tea bag will work best of all. Green tea has special healing properties that will help to heal the entire area. Tea will also help with providing relief from the waves of pain you are probably experiencing.

It is advisable for you to consult with a dentist in case the remedies suggested here do not change your condition in a day or two. There is no sense in ignoring this condition, as it will only serve to aggravate your state of pain further. A dentist will also be able to accurately diagnose your condition and will be able to tell you what to do for toothache as well. If your condition and related pain are simply too severe, you may also need antibiotics.

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