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Most people around the world are becoming more aware about the health benefits associated with using different herbs while cooking. Hence, several people have started substituting hot and harmful spices with herbs, which are not only good for the health, but also add an excellent flavor to the food. Others are replacing beverages like tea and coffee with herbal teas. Some of the most widely used herbs include chamomile, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme and of course basil. In fact there are several other purposes that Basil can serve, apart from the basic uses for basil in cooking. Moreover, what a lot of people are not aware of is the fact that there are many different species of the basil herb, with Holy Basil, Sweet Basil and Genovese Basil being used the most commonly. Basil herbs have been used for centuries, primarily for cooking purposes, even though they contain antibacterial and antiviral properties. Most modern clinical herbalists do not consider its medicinal properties as one of the main uses for basil. However, in several cultures, the importance of basil, especially the holy basil benefits, are very popular and perhaps even preferred to traditional treatment methods.

Uses for basil leaves

It is a well known fact that cooking with basil enhances the flavor of the food, but what a lot of people may not be aware of is that this herb also enhances the immune system in the body. There are several health benefits that have been associated with basil juice, or a drink made from basil seeds. Given below are a few of the common basil juice and basil seed drink health benefits:

  • Cooking with basil seeds is very good for those who suffer from digestive problems. This is because basil seeds increase the movement in the stomach as well as the intestines, so that food is digested at a faster rate and in a better manner.
  • Most diabetics are advised to take basil, as it is a natural medicine for diabetes. One of the most important basil juice benefits is that it contains antioxidants, which can help reduce the levels of glucose in the blood. Hence, taking one teaspoonful of basil juice every day can keep the condition under control.
  • Several weight watchers are asked to drink the basil seed drink to expedite the weight loss process.
  • Since basil is good for improving the efficiency of the kidneys, there are several people who drink basil juice for kidney stones. This remedy may take a while to work, but is believed to be very effective. Basil juice, derived from fresh leaves, should be mixed with an equal part of honey and should be consumed on a regular basis, preferably everyday. This combination of basil juice and honey should eliminate the stones within 5 to 6 months.
  • The application of basil seed drink with honey should be applied over the eyes twice a day, everyday, to treat recent cases of cataract.

Growing Basil Plants

Growing basil in cold climates can be quite a challenge, as this herb requires a lot of water and at least 5 hours of hot sunlight. Growing basil indoors is also possible, as long as the plant gets an adequate amount of warmth and sunlight.

Most of the remedies using basil, mentioned above, are fairly safe, if they are used correctly. However, it is best for all people to check with a medical health care provider, before using any of them. This is more important for those people who are elderly, prone to food allergies or suffer from any preexisting medical condition. In case there are any side effects felt after consuming basil leaves, basil juice, basil seeds or even the drink made from basil seeds, it is absolutely essential to stop immediately and consult a doctor, without any delay.

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Basil, also known as "Tulsi" plant is freely available in Indian homes. You can pluck some fresh basil leaves, wash them and crush them to make juice. You can check out any ayurvedic store for ready basil juice. But I would recommend using fresh juice ground from the leaves for maximum benefits. If you are in the United States, enquire at your local grocery store. Do not use the seasoning available as dry basil leaves. Go in for fresh basil leaves. Basil juice has a very short shelf life and generally stored by refrigeration. If your local grocery store does not have it, check with any Indian grocery store and they should be able to help you find it. It might be a good idea to grow your own basil at home and use it whenever you require it as it has a lot of health benefits.

answered by P P

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