Please suggest remedy for body pain, body weakness, cough & fever along with diet to be taken during such condition?

As far as the description of your state is concerned, it sounds as though you have strong flu. But you have not mentioned for how long have you been suffering from these symptoms. If you have been suffering for quite a long time, then it is strongly suggested that you consult a doctor. As far as your fever is concerned, long term fever is not a good sign for your general health and well being, and it must be immediately attended to by a doctor. Even then, there are some home remedies you can use to bring down your fever. The use of the leaves of holy basil is very effective. A decoction made with 20 holy basil leaves, boiled with half a liter of water, should be mixed with milk, sugar and powdered cardamom. Take a tablespoon of this every other hour to bring down your temperature. Drinking a tea made from fenugreek seeds is also very valuable in reducing fevers. It is a very cleansing and soothing drink to your system and will also help to improve your immunity. This tea has the power to dissolve sticky substances like mucus. If your body temperature rises above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, then a cold pack must be applied to the whole body. This pack must be applied every three hours in the daytime and the pack should be kept on the body for one hour. Keeping hot water bags or bottles near your legs is also advised.

For your cough and cold, you can make a health drink with a glass of boiled water, lemon juice and one tea spoon honey. This drink will soothe your throat. Alternately, you can also mix grated ginger to one cup of boiled water and then strain the mixture. Add one teaspoon of honey to this. This is also equally helpful when consumed while it is still warm. You can drink these concoctions as many times as you like throughout the day. As far as body pain and weakness is concerned, massage your body with any herbal oil or else consume carrot and lemon juice everyday which are helpful in combating body aches. If possible, use warmed mustard oil for the massage, as this is also very useful. Try to stick to home cooked vegetarian food, like rice, hot soup, boiled lentils and hot milk. Oily and spicy food should be totally avoided for the duration of the illness. Even tea and coffee, should not be consumed during this period.

answered by G M

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