Is there a natural cure or relief for bakers cyst?

Baker's cyst is the name given to a swelling or protrusion that occurs behind the knee. This hernia like swelling is a result of the sac of fluid that is present in the knee joint pushing outwards from the back of the knee. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. It could be a sudden trauma which has caused the sac to break open. It is also sometimes a result of extreme and severe arthritic conditions. The important thing for you to do is make sure you are suffering from Baker's cyst and not bursitis. The two are so similar in nature that they are often mistaken for each other. The difference is also very subtle, and as such may be determined by a doctor only. However, the remedies for both of them are quite similar. It is essential for you to know that simple home remedial measures alone may not be enough to cure the condition. You would in all probability have to undergo some sort of surgery to permanently cure the condition.

Meanwhile, you can follow some simple rules for relief. Applying ice packs to the area is generally helpful as it tends to numb the pain for the time being. It will also bring down excessive swelling, if there is any. If this does not help you, you can switch to applying warm compresses. Some people have bodies that react better to warm treatments for healing, while others react better to ice treatments. If warm compresses are your preferred choice, you can also practice lying down in a hot tub for a while. This will also help considerably. A gentle massage with warm olive oil is also a good way to bring down the swelling. Olive oil also has several healing properties that will go a long way towards healing the area as well as the specific injury.

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