Tell me how to take precaution from cancer?

There are various kinds of cancers that can hit the human body. For each different type of cancer, there are different reasons as well. The first thing you must know is that there is no guaranteed fool proof precaution in place which will ensure you do not get cancer. All you can do is try to live a healthy and robust life, taking a few general precautions which will ensure you live well. The first thing you must know is that cancer can be a hereditary disease. In this case, there is very little you can do about it. The only precaution you can take is to never miss your bi-annual check up. The only thing that can help you if you do get afflicted is early detection. You should stay away from smoking and consumption of all tobacco related products. One of the reasons for lung cancer is smoking. Cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat can also come about due to smoking or consuming edible tobacco. Eating red meat has shown to have positive links with colon cancer. You can try to avoid that as far as possible as well.

Skin cancer is caused by direct exposure of the skin to the sun. It is wiser to wear a sun screen when going out in the sun than to take this chance. The reasons for stomach, pancreatic and prostate cancer remain unknown. Sometimes, bone marrow cancer can also develop, especially in children, and for no apparent reason either. There is simply nothing you can do to prevent this. Brain cancer also has no positively confirmed reasons which can be helpful to know in order to avoid developing it. Breast cancer has been linked to smoking, but not in any way that can definitely state that smoking is the only reason. In any case, smoking is an absolute avoidance if you wish to maintain good health.

answered by G M

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