I put a pore strip on my 11yr old daughters nose last year after a few weeks raised red spots appeared on her nose eczema creams are not working its not itchy it is a bit dry and its only on her nose please can you help. Desperate mom

The basic ingredient of Vaseline is petroleum jelly. Vaseline is a company name, which has now become a generic brand name. But actually, the two are one and the same. There are a number of companies that are now manufacturing petroleum jelly which goes by the name of Vaseline. This is because Vaseline is so common a name that it has become a generic name for a kind of cream, rather than remaining under the ownership of any one company.

To answer your question, both these products are excellent for the skin. They are simple and basic, and will provide what you need the most. Petroleum jelly has the magical property of not only providing the skin with the lubrication and moisture that it needs to survive on a daily basis, it also has the unique property of sealing the skin off from any harmful substances that might endanger its quality. This makes it a particularly good natural substance to use. Petroleum jelly also has certain healing properties that will help any part of excessively dry and chapped skin to heal itself effectively and well. The other positive thing is that it is rarely accompanied with any kind of side effects, thus making it one of the best things to use.

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