How to remove dark spots

Home remedies for dark spots are perhaps one of the longest standing traditions in the world. Even before cosmetic procedures and cosmetic preparations were first introduced, men and women were taking care of their skin by using natural remedies. Home remedies for dark spots have been handed over for centuries, through generations.

There are several reasons why your skin may not be clear. pimples, acne, pigmentation, blisters, dark spots, and warts are some of the common skin conditions that can mar the beauty of your skin, especially on your face. If your skin is hydrated properly and toxins are eliminated from your body in the right manner, you should ideally not be experiencing any problems in your face. Yet, you sometimes see brown spots and freckles developing.

Dark spots on the face are caused by the over production of the skin pigmentation chemical known as melanin. This over production can be triggered due to over exposure to the sun or hormonal imbalances. Home remedies for clear skin can help lighten these dark spots, giving the skin a more even tone. On the other hand, treatment for dark spots on face can help rectify any hormonal problems. It will also help you in the treatment of melanin over production.

Home remedies for clear skin can be used while you are getting the medical treatment for it. A great dark spots on face home remedy, for instance, is the use of vitamin E. This vitamin can help take care of the skin conditions, as it is an excellent anti oxidant and can help in the revival of the skin cells. Home remedies for dark skin can also utilize the natural bleaching agents such as lemon juice. Although you can use herbal cosmetic bleach preparations as well, it is recommended that you test a small patch of the skin first and then use the bleach as per the manufacturer's direction.

You could make skin peeling scrubs at home. Take some coarsely crushed almonds and mix them with a spoonful of honey. Rub this all over your skin where the dark spots have begun to appear. Massage this scrub in a circular motion all over your face and allow it to remain for a few minutes. You can also use half a spoon of sugar granules on your face. Mix these in lukewarm water first and then rub them in circular motions on your skin. This can help you get rid of any toxins on the skin surface or other impurities that might be causing blemished skin.

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Dark spots or pigmentation are caused due to over secretion of the skin coloring pigment known as melanin. Hormones influence the production of melanin and health disorders that adversely affect the hormone balance cause the over secretion of melanin. Such conditions cause dark spots or pigmentation and appear as small patches or all over the body. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause and the intake of certain medications can cause this type of discoloration. Vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency, intestinal disorders or stress, too, can cause mild to moderate dark spots. Severe dark spots over the body are caused due to health ailments and require medical help to correct the skin condition. Appropriate diagnosis of the cause of such dark spots can help choose the right treatment.

Skin care professionals suggest bleaching and skin peeling techniques to reduce dark spots and ensure an even complexion. Bleaching and skin peeling can also be done at home with basic ingredients that can improve skin condition and help achieve desired results. Buttermilk applied on affected areas is known to have a bleaching affect on the skin. A Vitamin E capsule mixed with castor oil and applied on pigmented areas to reduce dark spots is also an effective treatment. Make skin peeling scrubs at home by crushing almonds coarsely and mixing it with mild cream or honey. Apply and massage this scrub in circular motion over the face. Allow it to remain on for about 5 minutes or so and then repeat the massage and then rinse it off thoroughly with cold water. Broken wheat or any other cereal ground coarsely will also serve the purpose instead of almonds. However almonds nourish the skin and can benefit the texture and complexion of the skin with regular use. Another effective and simple remedy is the use sugar granules as a scrub. Half a teaspoon of sugar granules can be scrubbed over the face and rinsed with hot and cold water alternatively. The skin of the papaya also makes for an excellent scrub when mixed with fuller's earth.

As pigmentation problems are often associated with internal disorders, it is important to ensure a well balanced diet. Supplement a well balanced meal with moderate exercise to have healthy well nourished skin. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and the use of cheap cosmetics.

Cosmetics with coloring agents are also best avoided. Monitor the intake of medications and discuss with your doctor the possibility of such medications being the cause of the dark spots. Certain oral medications prescribed for blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, birth control and acne can have adverse affects on the skin.

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There are many ways to remove dark spots on the face. If the spots are scars, such as the marks left by acne, then they are a little difficult to get rid of and take a long time to disappear, but other blemishes and uneven spots on the face can be gotten rid of quite easily.

You can apply aloe gel to your face every morning or even vitamin E, which is available as an oil. Lemon juice is an excellent remedy for skin blemishes - you can apply plain lemon juice or simply rub a cut lemon on your face for a few minutes every day. If you are using juice, you can also add a little honey to the juice.

You should avoid using soap too often as it has a tendency to dry the skin. In addition, make sure that you drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This keeps your system hydrated and also supplied with all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for you skin to be healthy. You should also note that before you try getting rid of the dark spots, it is important to address their cause, if it is acne or some sort of infection or excessive exposure to the sun.

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