What food is good for Flatulence & gas?

Gas, or flatulence, is a very common condition that occurs in two circumstances – you could either have swallowed some air or that the food you are consuming is leading to the production of flatulence. Swallowing air is a phenomenon that is known as aerophagia and involves the swallowing of oxygen and the expulsion of nitrogen, or flatulence, from the anus. Also, if you have switched to a high fiber diet, you could experience a high incidence of flatulence. Foods such as most vegetables, grains, raisins, fruits can cause you to be more flatulent than you would normally be.

The best to get over gas is to avoid the foods that cause it. However, if this means cutting down on the fiber level of your diet, it is advisable that you do not avoid these foods. In addition, once your body gets used to the fiber content, you will notice that you will not be as flatulent as you were initially. It is recommended that you identify and cut the other gassy foods from your diet. For example, you could cut out foods like bacon, white flour, corn chips to deal with this problem. Another effective remedial measure for gas is mixing a little brandy in a cup of warm water and then drinking this mixture before you sleep at night. After meals, you could also try eating some ginger that has been mixed with lime.

answered by G M

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