Treatment for urinary tract infection and blod clots while urinating

Blood in the urine is an extremely serious problem, and should never be taken lightly. Chances are that it is indeed only a urinary tract infection, but you should visit a doctor as soon as possible for a thorough examination, in order to rule out any more serious problem such as cancer or stones. Even if it is only a urinary tract infection, the presence of blood clots in your urine indicates that there is bleeding, which is quite serious. It also seems that you tend to suffer from urinary tract infections quite often, with the same symptoms of pain and bleeding. This is quite a worrying fact, and all the more reason for you to go for a check up immediately.

Home remedies for urinary tract infections are only for the occasional infection, and more than actually treating the infection, they simply ease the symptoms and hasten the healing process. These mainly consist of drinking lots of water to flush the system, drinking cranberry juice, and taking Vitamin C. If you have frequent urinary tract infections, there is some more fundamental problem that needs to be identified and addressed, or perhaps there is something that you are doing wrong.

answered by M W

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