How to treat muscle pull

Massages, warm compresses, and rest are the best treatment for pulled muscles. Warm up some oil - coconut oil and mustard are particularly good, but you can use any oil - apply it to the affected muscle, and gently massage the muscle for five to ten minutes. You can ask someone else to massage you as well, but ensure that they do so firmly but gently, as applying too much force will only worsen the problem. You can do this twice or thrice a day, and in addition, several times through the day you can apply a warm compress. The best way to do this is to use a hot water bottle, which you can apply for periods of around 20 minutes, whenever you feel like through the day. This will ease the pain and also help the muscle return to normal.

Getting adequate rest is equally important; use the affected muscle as little as possible, and if necessary you should even take bed rest for a couple of days. Exerting the muscle will strain it further and prolong the misery.

If these measures do not give you adequate relief within two or three days, you should probably visit a doctor as there may be some more serious injury.

answered by G R

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