What is tincture enema

Tincture enema is an enema taken for colon cleansing or severe constipation. The tincture is actually known as a chemical called clarkia, as it was discovered by a gentleman called Dr Clark. This tincture is made of entirely natural substances and is supposedly considered safe to be administered at all ages. There is a certain proper dosage and course to be followed in case of administering this enema. You can order or buy this substance and then take it in accordance with the instructions provided. It is supposed to be mixed in your enema water in the proportion of drops to a bottle. The exact amount you should add to the water will be given on the bottle of tincture you buy. It is usually administered in accordance with your weight and age.

Tincture enemas are used to cleanse your intestines of parasites that may have taken root there and are causing you problems. You would be able to figure out the exact nature of your trouble if you go for a complete medical exam. This may also include some tests which will reveal far more. It is important for you to note that while this remedy is an herbal one, it may result in you getting addicted to taking enemas in order to cleanse your system. You would need to be particularly careful about that.

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A tincture is basically an alcohol based solution that contains the extract of a herb or mineral or some other substance. Today, most tinctures are herbal and are used in alternative medicine, only very rarely in mainstream medicine, as we have found other more effective methods of extracting the necessary compounds and administering them to patients.

An enema is a process in which liquid is injected into the rectum and colon by inserting a kind of syringe into the anus. The syringe or nozzle is usually connected to a pouch or bag that contains the liquid that is to be inserted. A tincture enema is therefore the injection of some tincture into the rectum and colon.

The purpose of an enema is to stimulate bowel movement, treat severe constipation, to clean the bowels, and sometimes to administer medication. In alternative medicine, enemas are thought to help cleanse the body of toxins, but there is no evidence that this works or is even necessary. Administering an enema is also dangerous and should never be done without medical supervision, or at least a prescription and some instructions from a doctor. Whatever the purpose of the tincture enema that you are talking about, there are certainly safer and more effective ways to achieve it.

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