Many times while waking up in the morning I get severe chest pain while lasts for almost two days. What may be the cause of this pain, no gases for sure.

Causes of Chest Pain

If you feel a severe chest pain while walking up in the morning then definitely there is something wrong in the chest, neck or upper abdomen. Cheat pain is confined to heart diseases and cardiac failures. It is also associated with various other diseases. You are right when you say even gases and acidity can cause chest pain. But if you are sure that you don't have gases then check for other causes of chest pain.

Chest pain can be cardiac as well as non cardiac. Some of the major cardiac factors responsible for causing chest pain are heart attack, angina or fatty deposits in the arteries, over stress, inflammation around the heart, aortic dissection, coronary spasm, endothelial dysfunction. I don't think that you will have these cardiac disorders because you feel the pain only while walking in the morning.

Non cardiac factors include heartburn, panic attack, pleurisy, pulmonary embolism, lung disorders, sore muscles, rib fracture, pinched nerves, shingles, gallstones and pancreatic problems. You can also suffer from chest pain if you have cancer and any kind of swallowing disorders such as esophageal spasm and achalasia.
See, I am only a home remedy advisor and cannot give any kind of medical help. So, I would recommend you to consult your doctor and find out the right cause of your chest pain.

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