How long is the flu virus contagious

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The influenza family of viruses is largely responsible for causing flu. Flu can last anywhere from four to seven days and if there is a recurrence of symptoms, it can go up to a fortnight with subsequent results of cough and general tiredness. Flu affects adults and children alike and the symptoms viewed in both are the same. The general feeling of being tired, sick and the onset of fever are different from that of the common cold and highly unpleasant. Flu mostly affects people during the winter months or the transition from winter to a warmer weather when the virus is at its peak.

The virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted through sneezing, touch or general contact with an infected person. Since flu is airborne, the virus catches on very fast in large groups and gatherings and through communities. Flu usually begins with a fever in the 101 to 104 degree Fahrenheit range and follows with flushed and aching feeling all over the body with a decreased level of energy. Most people who are infected with flu also get a sore throat and throbbing headaches. Mucous discharge and continuous sneezing are also associated with flu. The fever usually lasts for a couple of days but it is likely that sometimes it can go up to more than four days.

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