Is it normal that an eight year old boy have pimples and black heads?

Pimples and black heads advice

These days the age of puberty is decreasing to a mind boggling extent. Pimples and black heads occur largely due to clogged pores, if his skin health is not appropriate then he might get some at this age. Try the following effective home remedies for black heads and pimples -

  • Apply warm water compress over the pimples, this will help to ripen them and drain them quickly without pain. When a pimple is ready burst squeeze it gently to drain the pus and clean the surrounding area properly.
  • For faster healing apply calamine lotion or vitamin E cream over the pimples. Calamine lotion when applied on the skin does not have an ugly appearance; he can also wear it when he is off to school.
  • Take care that he doesn't pop or squeeze the pimple as this will only leave dirty pimple marks on his face which take too long to lighten. Aloe vera gel can also be applied over the pimples for faster recovery.
  • Ask him to take steam and then you can gently remove the blackheads when the skin is still soft. Regularly was the face to avoid debris and clogging of the pores which is the main reason for pimples and blackheads.

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answered by Dr S

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