How to reduce fat

The best way to reduce fat on your body is by doing aerobic activity. Any kind of physical activity that gets the heart rate up will help you lose weight. This can be walking, running, walking up and down stairs. You need to get a 30 minutes workout a day, but you can break it into 10 minutes at a time and as long as you do 10 minutes straight it will count.

Also you will need to change your diet, if it is high in fat you will not lose weight. You will want to stay away from processed foods, they are the most heavy loaded with fat. Also stay away from trans fats and limit your saturated fats (meat, eggs, and oils) to under 20g a day on an average.

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Health advice to reduce fat

The foremost thing that you will need is a strong determination to maintain a healthy and disciplined life. Then it will be very easy to use and follow certain very effective and helpful health tips to keep fit and strong. Start with these home remedies immediately to improve your lifestyle and live better.

Exercise regularly or walk briskly for at least 15 minutes every morning. As your weight is reduced, you can increase the timing. Eat 2 ripe tomatoes for your breakfast everyday. But if you have acidity problem then forgo this and eat a bowl of cereals with skim milk, drink fresh fruit juices and a little sprouts as your breakfast. You can also divide these foods over a period of 2 to 3 hours as overeating is inadvisable. For your lunch, have lots of raw vegetable salads, vegetable juices and soups and fresh fruits. You can sip buttermilk with your meal and have salted yoghurt after it. Eat a light dinner 2 hours before going to sleep and if possible take a leisurely stroll 1 hour after dinner and 15 minutes before retiring.

Space your meals equally so that you do not have to suppress the urge to eat or go hungry for a long time. Eat lightly and avoid white rice, sugar and flour, junk foods, fried foods, aerated drinks or processed items. Have lots of salads, juices, water, healthy snacks, brown rice and sugar, wheat grins and steamed vegetables. Eat less salt, refrain from having sweets and reduce the intake of alcohol.

Lastly, do not take stress and practice yoga postures for long term health benefits.

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