What can you do about the Thrush on a Newborn

Natural Remedies for Baby Thrush

Babies are often attacked by candida causing a manifestation in the mouth. This a yeast infection often characterized by formation of white film over the baby's tongue. Babies are two small to bear the pain and itching, so try some of these home cures for thrush to treat your baby and bring back the same smile on his or her face.

Here are some of the best natural treatments for thrush

  • Application of coconut oil to baby's mouth can help in preventing and treating yeast infection. For babies, use pure virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil contains coprylic acid that acts as a antifungal helps in fighting infections. It is also a natural booster of immune system and can even be used for cooking.
  • Tea tree oil is another effective cure for baby's thrush. For your baby, dilute this oil and apply to your baby's mouth. You can even use toothpaste, oil and creams made of tea tree oil for treating thrush on a new born.
  • Clove oil is an antifungal and can be used in diluted form for treating thrush on newborn.
  • Oregano oil can also be used for treating thrush.
  • Keep everything clean. Wash your baby's toys, clothes, bed sheets and other materials that come in contact with your baby's mouth. This will help in keeping your baby away from infectious substances.

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