Treatment for swollen glands in children?

Lymph glands are pea-sized glands that are located throughout the body. Normally, when children get any kind of bacterial or viral infection, the lymphocytes rapidly multiply in the lymph gland and makes the gland swollen. This shows that the immune system of your child is in work. You can actually see the swelling and examine the condition that has caused this swelling. For example, a swollen gland in the groin is due to an ingrown toenail or an infected knee, whereas a swollen gland in the neck shows cold or tonsillitis.

Infected finger causes the swelling of the gland under the armpit. Numerous cuts, cracks and infections can cause many swollen glands. Unless the gland is a result of a bacterial infection, leave the gland alone and provide diagnose and treatment to the source of infection. Examine the movement of the lymphatic glands and check whether they are moving properly or not. A lymph gland affected with a minor infection is relatively soft, may be tender and should be able to move. To ensure that it is just a minor infection, you can try moving the gland with your fingers. Use steam bath, ice massage or antiseptic creams to bring down the swelling if the swelling is causing any kind of discomfort.

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