After the shower I have blotches under my skin in my blood I believe that they could be toxinx can you tell me home remedies to remove them?

If you develop blotches on your skin after a hot shower, then it is likely that you might be suffering from Tinea Versicolor. This is a common skin infection caused by the Malassezia furfur yeast which is commonly found on the human skin. Apart from the blotches that appear during a hot bath, heat generating activities like exercise can also trigger these blotches. The symptoms for Tinea Versicolor also include oval, irregularly-shaped small spots which sometimes merge into a larger patch and a light scaling that looks like ash appearing on the skin. The parts of the body that are commonly affected by Tinea Versicolor are the back, chest, underarms, and neck. This infection might also occasionally be present on the face.

Anyone is vulnerable to Tinea Versicolor but it usually affects adolescents. It is not known why only certain people are affected by this condition because the yeast that causes it is present on everyone's skin. You can control the overgrowth of the yeast with either oral or topical medication. Tinea Versicolor is most successfully treated by the application of shampoos and lotions. You can treat this infection by applying a 2.5-percent selenium sulfide shampoo on the affected areas after a shower. Rinse off after 10 mins. You should repeat this process for every day for seven days and then bring down the dose to once a week for a month. Continue applying the shampoo once every three months on areas of your body that you know suffer from Tinea Versicolor to prevent any recurrence. You should also avoid the use of contraceptive medication and increased heat and humidity conditions.

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