If i have discharge does it mean i have an infection?

Vaginal infection treatment

No, some amount of vaginal discharge is normal and does not mean that you have a vaginal infection. Even a heavy discharge does not necessarily indicate an infection. From puberty onwards, all women have some amount of discharge produced by the vagina, which is healthy and normal. You only need to worry about an infection if you experience itching or burning, foul odor, or pain or discomfort during urination or sexual intercourse.

However, these symptoms could be indications of any of a number of possible infections, and could have a number of possible causes. There are yeast and bacterial infections, hormonal vaginitis, allergies, and infections caused by foreign bodies and sexually transmitted diseases. Treatment depends on the type and cause of infection. The color and texture of your discharge are usually indicative of the type of infection there is, but it is best to visit your doctor for a professional diagnosis rather than starting treatment on your own. Your doctor will make a diagnosis only after carefully examining you, the discharge, and your medical history.

In your case though, you can probably rest easy. Since you haven't mentioned any of the symptoms listed above, it is most likely that what you see is normal vaginal discharge.

answered by G M

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