How to stop infections

Infections are referred to as microbial attacks on the body, which lead to various diseases like cholera, small pox, measles, and typhoid, among others, depending upon the genus of the microbes. The microbes can be bacteria, virus, or fungi attacking the body and causing infections and diseases. When microbes attack our body, the immune system of the body becomes active and fights against these infectious organisms. However, sometimes the immune system fails to avert the consequences of the infections, which causes various infectious diseases.

There are various causes of infections, some of which are a feeble immune system, contact with persons suffering from communicable diseases, and unhygienic surroundings. One of the most common types of infections is open wound infections, which occur when microbes attack an open wound; in fact, open wounds are highly susceptible to microbial attack, proliferation, and colonization. As such, one of the prime ways for preventing infections is to never leave a wound open and to ensure timely healing of wounds. You should take advice of your doctor on how to treat open wounds, but certain immediate measures that must be taken for preventing infections at home are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you must clean the wound by washing it with cold water and applying an anti-septic ointment.
  • The next step is to dress the wound with a clean bandage and change the bandage every day, depending upon the severity of the wound. The wound should not be kept open for a long time, thereby preventing injury infections.
  • If the wound does not heal in a week’s time, you must consult a doctor for quick treatment of wounds.

Other than these measures, there are various home remedies for open wound treatment, some of which are listed below.

  • One of the best home remedies for preventing an infection in an open wound is to use a disinfectant on the wound. Turmeric powder is a disinfectant and an antiseptic agent that can be applied on wound topically. Alternatively, you can consume turmeric powder in milk for open wound infection treatment.
  • Another effective remedy for quick healing of wounds is the application of onion paste. The pungent odor and acidic content of onion helps kill infectious organisms, thereby preventing infections of the wound. You can apply the paste on the wound, leave it on for an hour, and then wash it off.
  • One of the best natural remedies to cure the infection of wounds is to apply honey. Honey contains enzymes that prevent proliferation and survival of microbes, thereby preventing wound infections.
  • An effective home remedy to relieve wound infections is to apply garlic juice on the wounds. Garlic juice is antimicrobial in action, and as such, it helps prevent infections. Garlic juice must be diluted with water and then smeared on the wound.
  • An effective remedy to relieve infections is to use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the usage of plant extracts like essential oils. Some of the essential oils that can be used to cure infections are lavender oil and chamomile oil. These oils must be diluted with carrier oils like coconut or olive oil for topical application, as concentrated essential oils can lead to adverse consequences.

Other than these remedies to avert infection one should consume a balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins, as a regulated diet would boost the immune system and help prevent and relieve infections. As such, one must consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, pulses, and an ample amount of water. The content of carbohydrates, starch and fats must be low in the daily diet. Moreover, one must avoid processed or canned foods, excessive intake of salt, carbonated drinks, and caffeine so as to maintain a healthy immune system.

answered by G M

Infection is a very broad term, you have not mentioned which infection you are suffering from. Try these simple home remedies for infection caused due to an injury or a cut externally - To avoid the spread of infection apply a thin layer of honey on the injury or cut. The natural antibiotic properties present in honey will help to seal the cut.

  • Turmeric has natural anti-bacterial properties. To heal the infection apply dry turmeric powder on the injury/cut and tie it with a thin muslin cloth.
  • Dilute garlic and apply it on the infected area. Garlic also has good antiseptic and wound healing property. Don't apply raw garlic directly as it can burn the skin and may cause damage.
  • The tannic acid in tea will help heal the infection when a warm tea bag is pressed on the infected cut for 10 minutes. Don't use flame to warm a tea bag, instead dip it in a glass of warm water for 10 minutes and then use it.
  • Consult a specialist if the infection spreads or worsens.

answered by Dr S

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