what is the best way to relieve breast pressure when you're weaning

Weaning not only has large impacts on the child, irrespective when you start weaning, but it also has great impacts on the mother. Try the following tips to reduce breast pressure when you start weaning -

  • Don't be in a hurry to wean. Make weaning a gradual process. Stop one feed at a time and continue this schedule for at least a week. Then after a week stop another feed. Give your body and breasts time to adjust to these changes before making any new change. Preferably drop day time feedings and make a habit to breastfeed your child at nights only.
  • Try to pump the extra milk with your hand or with the help of a sterilized pump to remove the excess milk from the breast and relieve pressure. This milk can be stored safely and used later.
  • Take a clean cabbage leaf and place it inside of your bra. This will not only help relieve pressure but you will notice that the milk production would also be less.

answered by Dr S

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